Jacob Brogan

The world is always ending



Before I joined The Washington Post, I hosted two podcasts. In each episode of Slate's Working, I spokewith a different individual about what they do all day. And for Spectrum, I produced Spectrum Stories, a series about the people behind autism researcher, and about those they're attempting to help.


Slate's Working

In each episode of Working, I talked with someone who has an interesting job about what they do all day. I've spoken with a neurosurgeon, a mystery novelist, a public defender, a union organizer, and many more. Past seasons have led listeners through the halls of the Obama White House, the streets of Baltimore and Detroit, and into the lives of people whose professions are threatened by the Trump administration.

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Spectrum Stories

In episodes that accompany features from Spectrum, I spoke to clinicians, scientists, and researchers who are working to help us better understand autism. But we also heard from those whose lives they're working to change, including the parents of children with autism.